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Angelica Serta

For only a fraction of what other so called fat burners charge, I cannot believe more people haven’t at least given Torrid a try. I remember I payed like 80 bucks once for a product that did nothing. At least I actually noticed weight loss with this product.

Anthony B

Dropped 20 lbs and counting! I’m starting to wonder how long this trend can last. Guess Ill keep trying with Torrid so long as it works. Just saying for those skeptics out there, def give it a try you wont regret it.

Sarah C

Torrid FX is my new favorite fat burner! I have tried many but none that work quite this well. Good energy boosts too 🙂

Ashley Long

The ingredients in Satiated are all natural and as a holistic individual which is what I look for in supplements. I’d recommend to anyone looking to loose weight the natural way. Well done Imperius Labs!


Imperius Labs is a whole new take on sports nutrition – making real effort to provide proper dosing of ingredients for the high level athlete and casual fitness individual alike.

Frank D

Made some great improvements with Untouchable testosterone booster. I noticed big gains after about 4-5 weeks with most notable increases in bench strength!

Jared D

Tried the ultimate stack just primarily looking to lose weight. Not only did I lose 20lbs after about 4 months, I also had muscle definition and growth I have never had. A++

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