3 Ways To Bulk Up Fast

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Everybody, well at least everybody who has spent some time in the gym, wants to bulk up fast. We might put our inability to do so on excuses such “I really don’t want to bulk up”, but the underlying truth is that we hit the gym for a reason, and that is to get a body to be proud of. Bulking up is a term which in its most literal sense means, getting buffed up. It’s about adding mass to those muscles we train ever so hard at the gym.

Skinny individuals find it hard to gain mass, yet at the same time, those people who have mass, long for some shape to their muscles. Different people have different reasons for bulking up, but no matter the reason, below are the 3 methods that will get you what you’re looking for:

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1. Eat more of the good stuff is the key:

We are talking about gaining mass here, so the key is to eat more. Your daily diet has to be altered so that you increase the amount of calories you take daily by at least 500. This can be done by increasing the number of times you eat daily to at least 5. Giving yourself 2 or 3 hour intervals between every meal will ensure that your body gets sustained energy which it will use to grow. A clever mix of protein and crabs would go a long way in making your meals the perfect source for bulking up fast.

However, what you have to keep in mind is that this should not be done by having high fat processed foods such as fries, burgers etc. Low fat, lean meals like dairy products should be given preference as these will make sure that you get just the right amount of calories and protein. Beans, fish, fruits, vegetables, and grains are all excellent low fat, high energy food sources. Also, protein shakes can be vital to your goals. These are an excellent source of protein post-workout and are available in a large number of flavors suiting every taste bud.

Whey protein gets digested fast, and the carbs it contains help recover your muscle cells faster.

2. Focus on Compound Exercises:

Exercises such as deadlights, branch press, pull ups, and squats require majority of the body’s muscles to work in tandem. These use a lot of the muscle fibers and lead to greater muscle growth. The key about compound exercises is lifting heavy weights with sets of low reps.
These exercises focus on heavier weights that lead to increased strength.

Also, compound exercises help you get a full body workout in less time than it would doing individual exercises, while also reducing the risk of injury from isolated exercises.

Although lifting heavy is hard work, there is no easy way of building up muscles mass. Quality time has to be spent at the gym.

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3. Give yourself rest:

All too often, people deprive themselves of sleep. This is a very big mistake, as sleep is the key to muscle rest. Muscles heal and grow when the body is resting, and without adequate sleep, this will not be possible. It is advised that an average human being must get 8 hours of sleep daily.

In addition to getting a good night’s sleep, it is vital not to focus on cardio training. Cardio training is for people who want to lose weight by burning calories, and if it is done while bulking up, the results would be disastrous.

These are some of the ways you can bulk up those muscles fast. While these will no doubt help you gain mass, they are only as good as you make them. So hit the gym, and train hard.

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