The Different Types Of Protein Explained

Proteins are a primary source of nutrition for the body. They help build tissue, which in turn leads to increased muscle. Proteins also act as a source of fuel for the body, providing it with vital energy. Also, each cell in the body is made of protein, so its importance cannot be stressed enough.

There are a number of proteins that all perform different functions and can be had in a diet to cater for the body’s protein needs. They are:

1. Casein Protein:

Casein Protein is a protein which is ideal for those looking for something they can have as a meal. It takes around 4-8 hours to take effect, a long period to be broken down, and can therefore be ideally had before going to sleep. It stays in your body throughout the night, giving it nutrients while you’re asleep.

If consumed during the day, which a lot of people also do, casein will help you get that ‘full’ feeling while at the same time ensure a healthy dose of protein that your muscles can utilize.

The Different Types Of Protein Explained2. Whey Protein:

A walk in the lane of any supermarket will introduce you to this type of protein. Whey is perhaps the most commonly used protein in supplements, with its low price and high effectiveness making it a big hit with all body building aficionados. This is highly recommended for starters; however, some might find its taste a little too hard to take in. Do not fret though, as whey is available in a host of different flavors and tastes.

3. Whey Isolates:

Although more expensive than their whey counterparts, Whey isolates have still found a place in the hearts of body builders. This is due to their quick absorbing nature, and most importantly because of their use for those on low carb diets.

Supplements that use these are low in sugar while high in the other useful nutrients.These enable the body to maintain a healthy supply of protein without having to consume many carbs at all.

4. Soy Protein:

For those interested in the vegetarian side, soy protein is the go to source of protein. It is made using soybean, and acts as a storage protein for the body. It contains arginine (helps muscle get quicker access to nutrients), glutamine (ideal for recovery), and BCCA’s which also aids in the body’s recovery.

In recent times, soy protein has seen a hike in popularity, this being due to its health benefits. Soy also aids in fat loss through quick metabolism.

5. Hydrolysate Protein

This is a highly absorbable, easily digested source of protein that unfortunately, is also the most expensive one. Compared to whey which can give a person a bloated feeling, hydrolysis protein is a rather light alternative. It can be had either before or after a workout.

These are the many different types of protein you can choose from. However, it is to be kept in mind that every person is different, and therefore what may suit somebody might not suit you.

A protein supplement in itself will not guarantee results, so you have to work hard to get the best out of it. Go with what you find provides the best results, and stick with it.

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